If it matters to business, it matters to us. Here are some of the key files that we’re watching — and shaping — as Saskatoon’s voice for business.

December 6, 2023

Provincial Budget Top Priorities

Every year the Saskatoon Chamber pulls together what we believe are the top priorities for the upcoming Provincial Budget. 
December 1, 2023

Council stumbles in final stretch of budget marathon

We commend City Council’s efforts over the past several months to address the city’s $70 million budget shortfall. While we believe a different process would have delivered in a better result for ratepayers, we are relieved that enough progress was made to avoid the potential 18% tax increase flagged in June. 
November 29, 2023

2024/2025 City of Saskatoon Budget Deliberations

We are at the mid way point of Saskatoon’s budget marathon. There has been lots of interesting discussions and presentations as we watch and listen with great anticipation. The unanimous decision to explore the Chamber’s recommendation of a Small Business Tax Sub Class is a win for our business community. 
November 22, 2023

Business Confidence stable heading into 2024

Business Confidence is a key indicator of future investment, often shown to align with local job creation, capital expansion, and GDP growth. The Chamber deploys its “Saskatoon Business Barometer” survey in Q4 every year to benchmark business confidence annually and shape pro-growth policy development at the local and provincial level.
November 22, 2023

Provincial Approach to Homelessness – Application for Emergency Residential Shelter

Shelter facilities play a vital role in supporting our most vulnerable neighbours. Without these facilities, and the compassion and dedication of those who operate them, vulnerable individuals and families would be left to the elements and more people would be living dangerously on our streets.
November 7, 2023

Proposed District Could Mean “Billion Dollar Boost” to Saskatoon Economy

Saskatoon’s proposed entertainment district could deliver a billion dollar boost to the city’s economy according to an independent study released today by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Saskatoon. The comprehensive study, prepared by Saskatchewan-based PRAXIS Consulting, forecasts $1.37 billion in total economic impact over ten years driven by the development of the district, a new arena and substantially new convention centre.
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