The Local Link

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be partnering with SREDA and the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce on the Local Link Program. This Program helps consumers support local businesses in the Saskatoon region. By checking for the Gold, Silver or Bronze Local Link label, shoppers can learn more about how close to their home a product or service is created. By taking part in this program we encourage businesses to evaluate and potentially increase their support of the local economy.

“Now more than ever we recognize the importance of supporting local businesses,” said Margot Orr Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Director of Policy and Government Relations. “This program takes into account all measures that constitute a truly local enterprise, such as procurement, outsourcing and ownership. The cataloguing of this information will also allow us to identify potential gaps in local supply chains, opening up future possibilities for growth moving forward.”

Saskatoon regional businesses can now apply to the program and can use the process to find ways of increasing their local engagement in the region’s economy.

For more information on the program and on the first eight businesses to have been awarded the Local Link Gold Label, Click here.