Study: Improving the Regulation of Business-Indigenous Peoples’ relationships

As a part of the regulatory series RegulateSmarter, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently released a second report entitled Within Our Control: Improving the regulation of business-Indigenous peoples’ relationships.

In their release, the Canadian Chamber notes that our attractiveness as a place in which to invest is slipping due to our relatively high and complex taxes, compounded by a regulatory environment that is unpredictable. We have to be prepared to make changes to ensure businesses remain competitive and Canada remains an attractive place to invest, start a company and create the jobs upon which our economic and social well-being depend.

In this latest report, the Canadian Chamber focuses on a relatively narrow yet critical area of federal regulation: the relationships between businesses and Indigenous peoples.  The study offers a number of recommendations and states that “improving the tools for businesses and Indigenous peoples to work better together will improve the fortunes of both and make us more competitive as a country.”

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