Provincial Spending Plan Response

SASKATOON, SK – March 18, 2020 – The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce would like to acknowledge the efforts put forward by the Province of Saskatchewan to ensure that the citizens of Saskatchewan are safe and can access adequate services.

2020-21 Budget – stakeholder briefing – March 18

This afternoon, as a result of the spread of the virus and the subsequent economic instability, the province postponed the release of the full 2020-21 provincial budget and instead released a provincial spending plan for all areas of the government including health, education, social services, public protection and capital spending.


In light of recent events, we believe that it is in the best interest for business and the citizens of Saskatchewan to band together and work to solve the local challenges relating to the current COVID-19 global pandemic. This is a situation that threatens to harm not only human lives but our economy as a whole.


“Although the Chamber still acknowledges there are areas that our membership has flagged as requiring attention for future growth, we believe that at this time the province must focus on the critical situation at hand,” said Darla Lindbjerg, CEO of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. “We will continue to work with the provincial administration and elected officials on the key policy priorities that our membership has pinpointed, once the crisis at hand is under control and the entirety of the budget is released.”


The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce recognizes the impact that this virus is having on our local business community. In a recent survey conducted by the Chamber 90% of respondents stated that they foresee a decrease in revenue impacting their business in the long run. The Chamber encourages the public to continue to support local businesses wherever possible.


“SMEs which make up over 90% of our membership, will be hit hard by COVID-19. I would like to remind our community that there are always ways to support local business through buying gift cards, keeping your memberships to gyms etc. and utilizing delivery services from your favourite businesses. We are stronger together,” said Lindbjerg.




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Margot Orr

Director of Policy and Government Relations

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce





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