Keystone Pipeline XL Project

After years of regulatory delays, the Keystone Pipeline XL project will be resuming construction. On Tuesday January 15, TC Energy Corp filed a status report of the Keystone XL pipeline project in the United States District Court of Montana outlining the planned work for 2020 involving both pre-construction activities and the construction of the pipeline. This filing outlines the company’s plans to mobilize heavy construction equipment to worker camps and storage yards as early as next month, with full construction of the border crossing starting in April 2020.


With the new pipeline capacity, demand for rail transport will decrease, allowing other rail-dependent industries in the province such as mining and agriculture the ability to get their products to market safely and efficiently. The $8 billion Keystone XL project will have a large impact on the local economies. In the short-term there will be an increase in jobs during the construction of the line. In the long-term, Saskatchewan oil producers will be able to get higher prices for their product. This project will attract investment and interest into the oil sector; creating the opportunity for oil companies to invest in additional oil production within the province, creating more jobs within our economy.


The Chamber is pleased to see investment being put into diverse methods of transportation to move commodities to market. The investment in pipeline infrastructure is important for the competitiveness of our local industry, its supply chains and the residents of our province that are employed by these businesses.