Gearing up for the 43rd Canadian general election

On Tuesday, September 10th the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce hosted the Federal Election “Name your Warrior” Debate. The Canadian federal parties were all tasked to declare a warrior to represent them in the debate. The candidates chosen by their respective parties were;

  • Liberal Party of Canada – Tracy Muggli, Saskatoon – Grasswood
  • Conservative Party of Canada – Randy Hoback, MP, Prince Albert
  • New Democratic Party – Ericka Ritchie, Saskatoon – Grasswood
  • Green Party of Canada – Jan Norris, Saskatoon – University
  • People’s Party of Canada – Mark Friesen, Saskatoon – Grasswood


The candidates were asked to respond to questions focusing on the topics of trade, taxation, the environment & natural resources, immigration, fiscal responsibility and business investment and competitiveness.


The event took place a mere 14 hours before the Prime Minister met with Governor General, Julie Payette to begin the process of dissolving parliament calling the official beginning of the federal election campaign.


To watch the video of the debate, click here part 1part 2.