Chamber Recommends City of Saskatoon Defer Property Taxes and Utility Payments Further



Chamber Recommends City of Saskatoon Defer Property Taxes and Utility Payments Further

SASKATOON, SK – April 15, 2020 – On behalf of our members, the Chamber is pleased with how quickly the City of Saskatoon responded to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.  The measures taken to date through the current deferral programs have provided some relief and it is much appreciated.

However, as the pandemic continues to place significant pressures on businesses and individuals in our community, we are requesting the City of Saskatoon defer tax payments an additional 3 months, until December 31, 2020.

It will take significant effort and a great deal of time for our economy to rebound once businesses can operate again.  Therefore, we are requesting that the repayment of the deferral, for both taxes and utilities, be spread over a 2-3-year period, in coordination with, or as an add on to, property taxes for 2021-2023 and that a late payment penalty not be applied during this time. We recognize that the Saskatoon Light and Power utility effects only a percentage of the citizens of Saskatoon and as such the repayment of the deferral would disproportionately favor those on the City’s utility. This is why the Chamber is also reaching out to the Province at this time to request the extended pay back option be applied to SaskPower.

The City is in a unique position to allow bundling of payments, and the repayment of deferred property taxes and utilities through a bundling program would be a significant support to users of these services.

“The Chamber is encouraged to see the efforts that the City has already taken to aid the business community during these uncertain times,” said Darla Lindbjerg, Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce CEO. “However, our business community has been impacted in an unprecedented manner and we need to ensure that all levels of government assist these businesses through extended resources and programming.”


For more information contact:

Margot Orr

Director of Policy and Government Relations

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce