Chamber Pleased to see Extended Provincial Aid Package

SASKATOON, SK – April 9, 2020 – This afternoon the Province of Saskatchewan announced a new government aid package, the Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment, which will be one of the largest and most comprehensive provincial aid packages across Canada. This support will focus on non-allowable business enterprises that are not eligible for federal funding and those businesses facing operating restrictions, particularly public facing enterprises. The focus of this package will be to target small and medium sized businesses to help them meet their fixed costs in the midst of a cash flow crunch.

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce has been advocating on behalf our members to see programs such as this one come to fruition. The Chamber and our extended stakeholder groups have worked tirelessly with the Provincial government to ensure they have heard the concerns of our business community and what measures would expedite the economic recovery.

This $50 million program announcement, on behalf of the Province, demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the economic survival of our community and will assist in filling gaps in programming that many of our members have highlighted.

“The Chamber is pleased to see the provincial government mobilizing funds and moving quickly to ensure the survival, recovery and future vitality of our business community,” said Darla Lindbjerg, Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce CEO.

“This funding commitment demonstrates the provinces willingness to collaborate with business stakeholders, like the Chamber, and develop programming that will aid our business community in a time where the need is great.”

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