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Vaccine Verification Roll-Out FAQ with Ken Dueck Synopsis


Proof of Vaccination


Is the proof of vaccination QR System compatible with other jurisdictions proof of vaccine programs?

The QR reader is generally a very basic technology and should be compatible with other jurisdictions that are also using the QR system. If there is no QR available businesses should be cautious to verify ID and dates of vaccinations of out of province patrons.


Are individuals considered to be fully vaccinated right after receiving their second vaccine or do they have to wait two weeks to be considered fully vaccinated?


Individuals are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose. The QR code will only light up green and indicate that an individual is fully vaccinated after that period is over. If people provide one of the alternative forms of proof of vaccination it is advised that businesses pay close attention to the date of the last vaccination.


Are there going to be any financial supports provided to businesses to offset the incurred costs associated with the new proof of vaccination or negative test policy?


There are no current financial offsets being offered. There has been a number of business leaders who have raised the matter. It was noted that the proof of vaccine process is easy to implement and simple smart phones are sufficient.


Are you required to ask for proof of vaccination from regular patrons?

Generally it is suggested that a business regularly asks for proof of vaccination. If the business is not asking every time a customer enters an establishment this would mean that records of health information are being kept. It is suggested that businesses be very careful in keeping these records and that robust policies are put into place surrounding protection of personal information.


For those ages 12-17 is it true that they don’t need to show vaccination status?


That is a misconception – patrons age 12-17 need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test along with a piece of ID if they are not accompanied by an adult. If accompanied by an adult then the child does not need to show ID but they do need to show their proof of vaccination status or negative test.


COVID-19 Testing


Is the Province’s Test to Protect rapid antigen test program acceptable as proof of a negative test?

Patrons entering a facility and employees participating in the program will have to provide proof of a negative COVID test if not fully vaccinated. A self-administered take-home rapid antigen test will not be accepted as valid proof of negative COVID-19, the only accepted tests will be from a third party site to provide assurance on identification of the individual and the date the test was administered. Within the Employer COVID-19 Emergency regulations alternative testing sources can be used as an additional tool in a testing policy and can also can be used as a great additional screening tool.


How often must individuals provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test?

Employees within the public sector and those opting in to the regulations must show proof once a week with patrons who are entering an establishment providing a valid test that was administered within the last 72 hours. It is understood that the more frequent the testing the better.




What should businesses do when guests or customers claim that providing proof of vaccination or a negative test is threatening their privacy?


As a business owner you have every right to turn a customer away. Additionally in asking for the verification of vaccination there is no infringement on privacy. The Human Rights Commission provides great resources on the topic: Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.


How can a business identify if a customer is providing counterfeit proof of vaccination?

If the customer isn’t using the QR Code and is instead providing the wallet ID or the certificate be sure to check names and dates and cross reference this with ID. In addition if the wallet card is being used, check to ensure that a second vaccination date is on there and it doesn’t indicate a due by date.


What is the procedure to report businesses that are not complying to the new regulations?


You can report the business to the Business Response Team at 1-844-800-8688 or supportforbusiness@gov.sk.ca


Can employers implement a policy where employees must provide proof of vaccination or face termination?

In the Employers Covid-19 Emergency Regulations there is a duty to accommodate to allow employees to provide a proof of vaccination or a negative test result. If your business chooses to implement a proof of vaccination only policy, do so with caution and with your own business risk analysis, it is also recommended that you consult HR professionals and seek legal guidance.