A Message from the Interim CEO, Silvia Martini

Within challenge is borne opportunity, and such are the times we face as a community, as a business sector and as global citizens.

Unprecedented in the history of our Chamber, now 113 years since its formal formation, is this fully encompassing tsunami.  What is brilliantly evident, however, is the depth of character and resilience of our members and staff, and of the power within collaboration of all our economic partners, government and community-at-large. The power of a shared common cause is compelling. We are, indeed, stronger together.

Within this time are remarkable social and economic lessons:  The business community is community! Without a vibrant business sector, the community’s vitality, cultural expression, shared experiences and healthy social connections are severely compromised. The opportunity is upon us to affirm our role in our community’s success.

Our Chamber mission reverberates in all we do, perhaps even more ardently today: Building and promoting a strong community through prosperity in business.

During this time of great challenge for our Chamber, Board leadership has provided and ensured a strong cable of support. Great leadership commits to doing the right thing, and to upholding the organization’s values and principles.   For our Chamber, this means:  Highest Business Ethics, Free Enterprise and Commitment to Community.  Our Chamber has been stalwart in these values, as they deeply resonate their importance.

I serve at the pleasure of the Board as your Interim CEO, effective May 19th. However, since May 1st I have had a very productive period with our Chamber’s competent and passionate staff, our Chair and Incoming Board Chair, our Board Committee Chairs, and a number of valued partners and stakeholders.

Our Chamber is an integral contributor to the success of our city and province. With its provincial, national and international affiliations we leverage great strength and opportunities, which we share generously for the betterment of our members, our community, and for our province.

My office is “open for business”; our team is here in genuine support and care of you as we continue to follow closely our Government of Saskatchewan’s guidelines for safety and contribute meaningfully to addressing prudent steps forward.

We are committed for you, and to you toward a meaningful recovery and a vibrant new future.

In renewed prosperity and success,

Silvia L. Martini, Interim CEO