2020 CBG Municipal Election Policy Priorities

The world pandemic has created a significant impact on our business community, and we must do everything within our respective powers to be mindful of, and proactive when it comes to the City’s responsibility in moving the community forward during these challenging times. Understandably, due to the pandemic, much of the focus has been on the next hour, the next day, and the next week. We need our City’s leaders to maintain a vision for the future and the opportunities that are before us.

The CBG convened to discuss the issues that are affecting the tens of thousands of employees employed through our members, and we identified three focus areas that will require the City’s leadership as we move forward as a community. The CBG is offering to work with the newly elected City Council in these three priority areas:

  1. Revitalize our community through business attraction and retention
  2. Achieve sustainable growth
  3. Address the safety in key commercial districts

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