Wednesday, Oct 26th - Civic Election Day

Did you miss the combined Chamber, NSBA, and SREDA Mayoral Candidates Forum on September 28th? Click here for the recording
On October 6th, the Chamber hosted "Candidate School", where we invited all ward candidates to attend a session to learn more about the Chamber of Commerce's strategic vision for Saskatoon, and to ask any policy questions they would like to.

This session was intended for those who wanted to connect with the business community and learn more about what our Chamber sees as important for a successfull and healthy business community. Here is a list of who attended the session:

Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5
No Candidates Hilary Gough, Mark Zielke No Candidates No Candidates Randy Donauer
Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8 Ward 9 Ward 10
Cynthia Block, Mike McKague, Mark Prebble, Ian Rambally, Troy Wruck No Candidates Evan Drisner, Sarina Gersher Bev Dubois, Thomas Hrynuik, Jeff Jackson, Roxanne Kaminski Mattea Merta


Thank you to all candidates that participated in our session!

#BusinessVotesYXE - Video Q&A

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, membership based organization that represents the business interests of our community, and and is committed to making Saskatoon amongst the best cities in Canada to live, work, and grow a business.

Saskatoon's civic election is October 26th, 2016, and on behalf of the business community we want to ask all the candidates how they would achive these goals of making Saskatoon a great place to be. We have also asked members of the business community to offer their thoughts on these issues as well. These answers will help all citizens learn more about those running for city council in order to make a better informed decision on election day.

Using Saskatoon-based "OneStory", we will be collecting the answers from all candidates in video form and posting them here during the election campaign.

Business and Community Leaders

These individuals are sharing their answers on behalf of their community, to offer perspective on what's important to them this election.

Jason Yochim - President of the Chamber and CEO of Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Tanya Knight - Past President of the Chamber and Regional Managing Partner for MNP

Candidates for Mayor

Don Atchison

Charlie Clark

Devon Hein

Kelley Moore

Ward 1

Wes Cameron

Darren Hill

Ward 2

Hilary Gough

Mark Zielke

Ward 3

Ward 4

Tobi Loopkey

Ward 5

Randy Donauer

Ward 6

Cynthia Block

Mike McKague

Josie Steeves

Troy Wruck

Ward 7

Mairin Loewen

Ward 8

Evan Drisner

Sarina Gersher

Ward 9

Thomas Hrynuik

Roxanne Kaminski

Robin Mowat

Ward 10

Mattea Merta


Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce


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