The Chamber's history

The Chamber has been part of the Saskatoon business environment since 1903, when a group of individuals organized in the spirit of creating a better business climate in what was then a rapidly growing city.

Knowing that strong businesses were, and are, job creators and the backbone of a vibrant community, the Chamber, driven by it's committed membership of business professionals, tackled issues and built strong relationships with community, educational, business and governmental organizations.

These strong ties continue to this day, making the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce a strong institution that spearheads real, positive change for our entrepreneur and business members.

We look forward to continuing our work, advocating for ethical business practices and a business environment that continues to help Saskatoon grow and prosper!


Our Mission

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce seeks to continually improve the economic conditions of Saskatoon, in particular, and Saskatchewan, and Canada in general; by carrying out such projects and activities as may be deemed to advance the legitimate interests of the business community and through it, the quality of life in our community. The Chamber's mission is to Build the Best Business Climate in Canada, Thereby Creating a City of Opportunity.

Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce


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