Health Opportunities Committee

The Health Opportunities Committee educates and promotes opportunities for business services, education, research, commercialization and development in health services, and explains the role of the health care industry in creating the Best Business Climate in Canada for the Greater Saskatoon region.


H.O.T. 4.16 is the Third Wednesday of the Month

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News and Articles

Please read this great article outlining the impact that Health Care has on our economy. Written by Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Co-chair of Health Opportunities Committee, Debby Criddle.

Why is Business in Health so important? - June 2013

Innovation is the key to economic growth. Saskatchewan is blessed with an infinite natural resource, the knowledge and ingenuity of its people, in addition to a second to none health sciences infrastructure. To extract value from the hundreds of millions spent requires entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration and passion. Saskatchewan has the opportunity to leverage its strength and leadership in health research to build entrepreneurial companies that develop products and services for local markets and can scale to global markets. To build the right innovation ecosystem requires the right leadership, policy, funding, education and culture.

- Written by Greater Saskatoon Commerce Board Member, Sanj Singh.

Why Health Innovation Matters

Committee Update 

The Health Opportunities Committee meets on the first Monday of every month at 2:30pm. Intersted in joining? Please contact Terri at for confirmation and more information on the Committee. 





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