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Going Global is a committee dedicated to creating awareness about the opportunities of doing business outside Saskatchewan. Our group is comprised of local business people interested in developing the Global Market.

What are the Advantages of doing Business in Saskatchewan?

Saskatoon continues to grow as one of the world’s largest producer of natural resources. With its strong economy, the province’s population of 1.2 million people is continuing to expand. With a prowess in innovation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s global impact far exceeds its population base. Saskatoon’s expertise centres on agriculture, agricultural technology, mining, and energy and communications technology.


As a major producer of agricultural products, Saskatchewan agriculture exports account for more than one-third of the province’s total exports at $11.7 billion in 2013. With over 650,000km2 of farmland, the province of Saskatchewan produces:

  • 23% of the world’s canola oil and meal exports – Canola was developed in Saskatchewan
  • 32% of the world’s flaxseed exports
  • 34% of the world’s durum wheat exports
  • 54% of the world’s pea exports
  • 65% of the world’s lentil exports 

Forestry in Saskatchewan has the potential to reach $1.5 billion in revenue, with over 50 million of acres of forestry land. 

Mining – Potash, Uranium, Gold

Saskatchewan exports mined products globally. As one of Canada’s top mining jurisdictions, Saskatchewan recorded $7.1 billion in mineral sales in 2013. Saskatchewan is responsible for 1/3 of Canada’s primary energy production and excels in mining potash, uranium, and gold. 

As the world’s largest potash producer, Saskatchewan holds:

  • Nearly two-thirds of the world’s known potash reserves. 

Saskatchewan is also home to:

  • The world’s largest uranium mines. 

As the second largest oil-producing province, Saskatchewan’s oil production is increasing annually.Saskatchewan ranked first in Canada for mining investment in the Fraser Institute’s 2015 Global Mining Survey. 


Saskatoon is an internationally recognized centre in agricultural biotechnology and vaccines. Canada’s only synchrotron is located at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and is developing new approaches to developing medical isotopes. 


Testimonials from companies doing business in Saskatchewan

“I immigrated to Saskatoon 9 years ago, knowing only my Canadian wife and step-sons.   Within 5 years, I was CEO of my own internationally based company and now oversee the marketing and sales for the 4th fastest growing company in Canada according to Profit Magazine’s 2011 Hot 50 list.   Saskatoon’s amazing people, positive pro-business environment, vibrant and active Chamber of Commerce and multiple business networking associations have contributed to this success.”
   -Michael Chudoba, VP Marketing- Innovative Residential

“Saskatchewan provides a number of advantages to doing business. The biggest advantage is an abundance of well-trained, highly motivated, and dedicated workers. Many of our workers are first generation removed from an extremely rugged, agricultural tradition, and many have worked in this environment themselves.   Agricultural work on tens of thousands of individual enterprises has developed a deep respect for reality, a fierce independence, yet a strong sense of cooperation to help each other survive. As a direct result of this background, our people are highly innovative and unafraid of trying something new and different. A rapidly growing aboriginal population provides a cohort of young and vibrant workers keen on residing and prospering in Saskatchewan. Recent immigrants also bring with them a strong dedication to succeed in a new land and to provide for a better future for their children. These many influences, together with a dedication among our people to stay in Saskatchewan-and help build a strong economy-have resulted in an excellent and available workforce.”

“Training and education are also perceived to be important within our workforce, and the people of Saskatchewan have built excellent Universities and Technical Institutes. The University of Saskatchewan is a major Research and Training institution and excels in a broad range of specialities. Two of the top ten major research facilities in Canada have been built at the U of S (Canadian Light Source and the International Vaccine Centre) which attract top scientists from around the world, and their families, to Saskatchewan to live and work. A cascade of other facilities, such as the Western College of Veterinary Medicine serving all of western Canada and the National Research Council Plant Biotechnology Centre support excellence in research and teaching. Unique to Saskatchewan is the active participation of the City of Saskatoon in supporting and financing these facilities, indicating the strong community support for education and research serving the people of the Province. These institutions also spin off a number of junior companies established to exploit the research and lead the growth of a new generation of industry and commerce.

"Geographically, Saskatchewan is located near the centre of North America and is ideally situated for business to deal north, south, east and west.  The east, west, and south are well understood, but the north is a truly exciting opportunity, Northern Saskatchewan, and even further north, is blessed with an abundance of valuable minerals and forests, as well as some of the most sought-after recreational areas of the country.  Saskatchewan contains a large fraction of the world’s available supply of uranium, potash fertilizer, diamonds, and rare-earth elements, all extremely important for the future economic growth of the country. Saskatchewan enjoys four quite distinct seasons of the year, with especially a great variety of summer and winter sports and vacation activities. A well developed infrastructure of airlines, roadways and railways link Saskatchewan directly to the rest of the world, including a new Global Transportation Hub centered in Regina but serving the rest of the Province, as well as Western Canada as an important link for trade to the Asia-Pacific Region. Saskatchewan is a geographically large region with adequate, low cost supplies of agricultural, residential, and commercial land. Taxes, fees, and utility costs are reasonable, and in some cases, the lowest in the RegionBusiness support groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Economic Development Agencies, Immigrant Investor Agencies and Venture Capital Groups are active and keen to help and support business development in Saskatchewan.

“In summary, Saskatchewan has a number of significant advantages to doing business, including a dedicated and innovative workforce with a growing population of young people, a highly developed and successful educational system; including major national research facilities, a central geographic location with excellent transportation infrastructure, and an active business support infrastructure. Saskatchewan and it;s business community are always open and supportive to new ideas and ventures.”
   -Hugh Wood, Vecima

Business Opportunities


These ground reinforcement mats are, according to our market analysis, the strongest and lightest mats in the market and are now available for Canadian businesses, organizations, fire departments, etc.. Once the sales number reaches a certain break-even point, the Swiss manufacturer may consider to invest in a second manufacturing plant in Canada to supply the NAFTA market with mats.

This new fastener system developed by Drehfix Germany, won the European innovation prize in its category. This new fastener concept increases time savings by 80% at a cost similar to traditional anchor systems. It's a question of time when the order quantities get to a point where it doesn't make sense to manufacture them in Europe any longer. 

Grant Application 
CanadianSwissInvest succeeded in applying for grant in Germany in behalf of a Canadian Solar company. The EU grant commission approved 35 MCAD, which is 50% of the project investment costs. We support Canadian companies in Europe, work together with Economical Development Departments and have the advantage of building up business relationships locally here in Canada, while still operating oversees

CanadianSwissInvest works hand in hand with Trade Commissioners. Where Trade Commissioners usually take over the first two of ten process steps, consulting companies  often take over remaining steps. Originally focused on industrial products, our business model of working together with a network of local entrepreneurs & experts, provides us a broader variety of commodities, such as for artists, Country Singer Heidi Raye, painters etc.. We export Heidi's CD's, but more important "We bring Heidi back to Peter" with planned promotion concerts in 2011-  http://www.canadianswissinvest.com/CSIApp/csibusiness/lifestyle.jsf?indexpage=2 

Member Consultation

In partnership with Export Development Canada, we are reaching out to our members so that we may better understand the role exporting and international investment plays in their business. Now more than ever, there is need for good information from which to plan and make critical decisions to help Canadian businesses compete in a global marketplace. We would appreciate it if you could spare 10 minutes to complete an online survey, even if your business does not currently export or have international investments. The results of this survey will help us develop new strategies and approaches to assist you in meeting the challenges of the global marketplace.

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