Future Opportunities

To identify, for Saskatoon Chamber members, potential opportunities / threats / cool stuff (OTCs) that may impact individuals, businesses, or the community. These OTCs will normally not be actively promoted by other Chamber committees or business groups and tend to lie 8 months to 10 years in the future. Discussions are not limited to any particular topic and may include science, technology, business, social and personal interaction, finance, education …

These OTCs come to our attention through committee members interests, chamber member suggestions or we just stumble across them (for example TED Videos, magazine articles etc.).

OTCs can be presented to the Chamber membership in a number of ways, through breakfasts, luncheons or informal gatherings usually at the Chamber Offices, the Bassment or other agreed upon locations (what we call Future Forums).

At the same time visits to corporations, industrial laboratories, university facilities and other places in and around Saskatoon round out the activities of this committee.

Who we are

Interested in what is coming down in the future
Willing to look at business and community situations from different perspectives.
Willing to ideate around events, topics and other information.
Open minded.
Passionate about making Saskatoon a great place to live and work.

Committee News

Colliers 2014 Real Estate Report and Forecast

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Upcoming Meeting

Every first Tuesday of the month
Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce
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Bill Brooks

Committee Chair


Phone: (306) 653-5076

Email: william.brooks@eclecthink.com

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