AgriBusiness Development

The AgriBusiness Committee identifies, discusses and recommends action on issues and concerns that impact the growth and development of the Agri-business sector in the Greater Saskatoon Area

Our Goal

To Strengthen and growth the Agri-business sector in the Greater Saskatoon Area.

Personal Invitation to Join the Agribusiness Committee

For the Good of the Organization

SaskCanola Presents: License to Farm, a Berteig Imaging Documentary

News and Articles


The C.M. (Red) Williams Post-Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship has been initiated by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce in recognition of Red's enormous contribution to the Canadian agriculture sector. Red taught at the University of Saskatchewan and was active in the industry for 60 years. 

One graduate student will be given the award annually, with the possibility for renewal based on the success of the contribution campaign.Preference will be given to a graduate student doing research in crops, animal production and/or agricultural policy, with a focus on improving water sustainability in the province’s agricultural sector.

To make a contribution to the scholarship online, click here

Presentation material outlining the current issues and impacts that water has on argriculture:

Water Scarcity, Water Supply, Water Security - January 2014

The Mainstream of Our Economy - January 2014

More Articles

University of Saskatchewan scientists use genomics to address agri-food challenges - July 2015

Farm Land Investing, See what BNN has to say about Investing in Saskatchewan Farmland.

The Impact of Rail Access on Saskatchewan’s Export Potential

Oh Deere, News of a new patent application raises questions about ownership

Committee Update

The AgriBusiness Development Committee meets the second Monday of every month at 3:15pm. 



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