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Becoming a member of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is about more than finding opportunities to help grow your business – it’s about joining a group that plays an influential role in shaping Saskatoon’s business community. At the Chamber, we are community mobilizers and business energizers who exist to connect, learn, and thrive together. We’ve built a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven to forge opportunities, make an impact and build strong businesses across the industry. Feel driven, more capable, and find everything you need to help your business succeed here.

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Member Spotlight

Harden & Huyse Chocolates

A box of chocolates is a way into creating a moment, for someone to pause and appreciate the thought someone has cast upon them. (Read the September/October issue of Business Voice for details)

LB Distillers

Most Saskatoon residents “sort of” know the story of LB Distillers. (Read the July/August issue of Business Voice for details).  LB Distillers were recently awarded the 2019 SABEX Business of the Year award.

Morris Industries

We are known as the global headquarters of air seeding technology. 90% of all farm machinery that uses precision farming technology has been invented here and all the countries around the world know that and they don’t buy equipment unless it’s got origins from here. (Read the May/June issue of Business Voice for details)

Mid-West Group of Companies

It’s true that Ken Achs’ business empire began modestly with an auto body shop on Broadway Avenue. It’s also true that Achs was a drag racer of impressive speed and he was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 2003. (Read the November/December issue of Business Voice for details)


Shaping the Future of Business in Saskatoon

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce was founded to empower and unite. As a connected ally, our mission is to drive change and contribute to policies that affect the businesses of Saskatoon while empowering the business community.

By encouraging entrepreneurs to own every element of their business – inside and out – we help people get more in control of their business by providing the resources they need to build a stronger future for the next generation.